Sarah's Hope Food Pantry¬Ě

Sarah's Hope is a food pantry operating at First Christian Church on the corner of Freeman and Topeka in Oceanside. They serve food insecure people who need help feeding themselves and their families.

We provide volunteers to help pick up food from donor grocery stores and to help staff the pantry.


Fill-A-Belly Carlsbad

Fill-A-Belly is an outreach to homeless and other food insecure people every Tuesday evening at 7:00pm at Holiday Park in Carlsbad. The goal of this outreach is to not only feed people. It is also to talk with and get to know them. It is surprising how powerful listening and a kind word can truly be.

FAB has a great network of churches and companies who donate and serve food. Our primary role here is to spend time talking and often praying with the guests. Sometimes, we also provide music.


Crop Swap

Crop Swap harvests fruit (also called "gleaning") from private citrus groves and orchards to help supply local food pantries and other food programs with fresh fruit.

We provide crews to help pick the fruit. It is great outdoor exercise with a beautiful view and the satisfaction of serving a good cause.


First Christian Coffee House

Coffee House is a community outreach every Thursday evening at 7pm that provides music connections. It is a great way for our homeless neighbors to get a break from the street while also receiving some entertainment.

We participate as a part of the Worship Musicians Association - San Diego Chapter. We provide musicians.


Community of Christ Carlsbad

We share a lot in common with Community of Christ. CoC is a church that gave up their building so that they could take their ministry into the community. They meet at Heritage Hall in Carlsbad on Sundays. Before worship, they host a breakfast for our friends in the park. And, of course, everyone is then invited to take part in worship.

We provide volunteers to help make and serve food and to put together hygiene kits. We also occasionally provide music for worship.