Welcome to Spirit Harbor! We have a place in our family for you and we want to help you find it. We are exploring this way of life called "Christianity". Our primary goal is to make this something much more meaningful than just a Sunday morning gathering. We want this to be meaty and high value. Something that you want to more deeply think about. Something that you'll want to live on a daily basis.

We have provided some steps below and the video to help you get started. However, we want you to know that we value you as an individual so please call if you have any questions so that we can personally talk with you.

Some characteristics that describe us.

  • People Focused
  • Open and Inclusive
  • Action Oriented
  • Everyone is a Minister
  • Always Evolving


Step 1: Visit a Gathering

Come visit us for a Sunday morning gathering. We want our time together to be valuable. We have a time of music and worship. Time for prayer (we take prayer seriously). And, some kind of facilitated discussion based on our featured speaker. We want to give you something that you can chew on all week.

Step 2: Connect with a HarborLife group.

HarborLife is a set of small groups. It is a safe place to explore questions about faith and life together. We usually use it as a way to continue our discussion from the Sunday gathering. However, it is also a support group where we can help each other through the tougher challenges life throws at us.

Step 3: Find your passion to serve

We currently support 5 different ministries that reach homeless and other food insecure people. However, don't limit yourself. If you have an interest in serving in a different capacity, we want to help you find your ministry passion.