The Spirit Harbor Dream

It is the dream of changing lives with a message of hope and love so contagious that we will be continually struggling to start new faith communities to accommodate the growth.

It is the dream that people in all situations will find refuge, healing, acceptance, forgiveness, hope, and love in our family.

It is the dream that through faith and spiritual maturity we can help people live happy, healthy, balanced lives filled with purpose.

It is the dream of equipping people to make a difference in their community and the world beyond.

It is the dream that we can be so selfless in our efforts to spread the Good News that we will create a movement of love that reaches far beyond us.


Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on how you define "church". We define church as being the family of God. And, the good news is that this family is open to everyone. To be quite honest, we don't put a lot of emphasis on things like doctrinal purity, the sacraments, or the creeds because we're more interested in meeting people where they are at. We want to create a safe space where people can ask questions about life and faith without fear of "doing it wrong".

Yes, we are a worshiping community of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). What does that actually mean? Put simply, it means that we are a part of a larger body that is serving together. We belong to a 500 year tradition of trying to make church more accessible for all people. We are deeply rooted in tradition but we are also open to new ideas and expressions of faith.

We are currently a small startup church so we don't have a formal children's program yet. However, it is our top priority as we start to grow. We try to make all gatherings family friendly by including children. We setup tables where children can sit with their parents.

If you have a passion for children's ministry, we are currently looking for a Children's Ministry Director to get a formal program. Please email Jon Taylor for more information.

Our gatherings are casual and family friendly. There is no dress code other than wear clothes. We are always changing the format so that we can keep it fresh and engaging for people. Sometimes, we have a moderated discussion. Sometimes, we may do an outdoor activity. Other times, we may have a guest panel to share about a relevant community topic. The three constants are music, prayer, and the Word - biblical teachings.
Unlike many other churches, we don't require you to profess your faith. Our goal isn't to convert or save you. We don't have memberships. We don't require a financial commitment. The starting point for us is a willingness to share your story and to listen to other people's story. We want to explore life's mysteries together. We want to ask tough questions about what it means to live this way of life called "Christianity".